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How to use a hammock?

March 23,2023

For the on who use the  hammock  for first time.

how to use it,below is some tips for reference.

1. Check all joints of the hammock, make sure no signs of breakage before use

2. make sure the string is securely knotted before you sit in the hammock

3. Hold both sides of the hammock with your hands when you are trying to sit in the hammock, don’t sit on one side.

4. Do not jump up and down in the hammock or make excessive movements


If you hang the hammock between two trees

1. The hammock is usually bind on trees, it should be bind as straight and tight as possible, do not bind the hammock too high, one meter off the ground is better, so that it is easier to get in and out of the hammock

2. The tree must be thick enough to keep the trunk from becoming deformed with the weight of the human body

3. Make sure the trees around the hammock are alive to avoid falling of dead branches

4. Keep away from the ground where there is rocks or sharp objects. Avoid beehives and ant nests.

5. If you use a hammock to camp, you should straighten the hammock and fasten it as far as possible to reduce the curvature of the hammock to make sleeping more comfortable. And you should prepare mosquito net and canopy to in case of raining and mosquito.


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