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How to choose a hammock?

February 08,2023

When you plan to buy a hammock, you may wonder which one to choose is best for you. Think clear about the he following factors, you may have answer:

Width and load capacity of the hammock

Most of the single hammocks are 4 to 5 feet wide, and the load capacity is about 300lb to 400lb. While double hammocks are 5 to 6 feet, and the capacity is about 400lb to 500 lb.

Length of the hammock

The suggested length of the hammock is at least 2 feet longer than your height.

Is portable and space saved important for you ?

The hammock in a bag is portable and space saved, it’s much easier to take out for camping or picnic. While the hammock with spread bar is a little take space when take out. Especially , you should consider if it’s possible to put the spread bar in your car.

Hammock with spread bar
Portable hammock with fringes

Fabric material

Most of the hammocks are made from rope, cotton fabric, polyester cotton fabric or polyester fabric. Rope is much more cool for summer, Cotton fabric is much more skin friendly, and polyester is UV resistant and good for using under sunshine. There also quilted hammock, which is warm and more comfortable, but not good for very hot weather.

图片1(5)1Polyester fabric quilted hammock
Cotton fabric hammock with stand

Weight of the hammock

If you mostly use the hammock for camping and the weight is very important, then the ultralight parachute camping hammock is your best choice.


Portable ultralight parachute camping hammock

In addition, you should also think over where will you hang your hammock, do you need any hanging materials, such as the tree strap, rope, carabiner, hook, etc.

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