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How to choose a hammock stand for your hammock?

February 09,2023

When you get a  hammock , you can hang it on the tree, or on a hammock stand.

If you hanging between two trees, you just need to have some tree straps or carabiners, snap hooks or chain. This way is very convenient and economy, but you need two trees which have perfect distance.

How if there are no perfect trees in your yard, balcony, or on a pitch ? Then you can consider to buy a hammock stand.

Here are tips on how to choose a perfect hammock stand for your reference:

The materials of the hammock stand

Usually, the  hammock stands  are made from wood or metal. Both materials are sturdy and beautiful. Just choose what you like.


Capacity of the hammock stand

Most of the hammock stand has a capacity of 120kg, and some are up to 220kg. Usually, the bigger the size is, the stronger the stand is. If you have a small hammock, and only 1 person sitting on the hammock, capacity more than 120kg is strong enough. If two person will share the hammock together, better to choose a hammock stand which can hold at least 220kg.

Hanging distance of the hammock stand

The hanging distance of a hammock stands are usually about 12 feet, 13feet, and 15feet, there are also smaller size such as 9.5 feet. Make sure your hammock overall length is about the same with the hanging distance of the hammock stand, or a little less than it. If the hammock overall length is less than the hammock stand, you may choose a hammock stand with a chain, or buy a chain yourself to hang it on.

If you have different size hammock, you can choose a universal hammock stand, which hanging distance is adjustable. Like bellow model


Weight and package size of the hammock stand

If you are hope to take the hammock and stand out for picnic or camping, the weight and package size maybe important for you. Now comes the portable hammock stand, which always comes with a storage bag for taking out. This kind of stand mostly are made from metal.

Cost of the hammock stand

Most of the situation, the wood stand may expensive than the metal stand.

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